“Another year of great accomplishments for the Fondation Médicale”


The Fondation Médicale des Laurentides et des Pays-d’en-Haut goes from success to success. “The year just ended mirrored 2016: another year of great accomplishments,” Michel Rochon, the president of the Fondation says proudly.

The results speak for themselves. A net sum of more than $700,000 was invested in the health of the residents of the 32 municipalities served by the Fondation Médicale.

In addition to having gotten impressive results in the past year, the Fondation worked towards implementing its very first strategic plan in its 28 years of existence. “All the members of the Board of Directors worked to establish this strategic plan that will allow our organization to surpass the results achieved up to this point in its history,” adds Mr. Rochon.

The mission’s four points
The Fondation reconfirmed its position as a genuine institution engaged in the health of the people in its territory. “The mission’s preamble shows its ambitions for the coming years, that is, to contribute to improving access to nearby quality health care for residents and their families in the Laurentides and Pays-d’en-Haut MRCs and in Saint-Donat,” states the executive director of the Fondation Médicale, Daniel Desjardins.

The mission of the Fondation can be summed up in four points. First, proximity, that is, to contribute to the accessibility of nearby health care across the Fondation’s territory. Quality is also at the centre of its concerns, with contributions to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of healthcare services through support of innovative programs, best practices, the purchase of equipment and the updating of facilities.

Then comes the wellbeing of the population served by the healthcare network in the region. For the Fondation Médical, being connected to the needs of the population is a priority. “It is important for us to identify innovative projects that can have a concrete impact while influencing the greater network that provides healthcare services,” according to Mr. Desjardins.

Projects for 2018
Strengthened by a strategic plan that supports the broad guidelines for the coming three years, the Fondation Médicale plans to play its role as a leader in the health of the population. “Many health-related funding requests come to us from the four corners of our region. Think about radiology in Mont-Tremblant, operating rooms at the Laurentian Hospital, the social pediatrics project, La Traversée palliative care hospice in Mont-Tremblant, the equipment needs of the CLSCs and Family Medicine Groups. The Fondation wants to support all these projects to be able to achieve the strategic plan which is about providing the best nearby healthcare services to the 85,000 residents of its territory.”

“We are currently working on implementing concrete actions to achieve our strategic plan. We know that the population is behind us, because it is their health and their wellbeing that we are talking about,” concludes Mr. Desjardins.